What is the Best Recurve Bow for Beginners?

As you are searching for the best recurve bow for beginners online I am sure you are already aware of how huge the selection of recurve bows is today. It can be very overwhelming: How is one supposed to choose one of them without comparing each to another?

To shorten this process and help you make this important decision we compared them for you and listed the best options available below!

Even if you are looking for a more advanced option, or a recurve bow especially for women or for kids, this article will be what you’ve been looking for.

And don’t be afraid, this list includes something for every budget and every archer’s need.

Best Recurve Bows for Beginners in 2020

PSE Razorback – A Beginner’s Model

Looking for a recurve bow for your kids? A solid entry-level option? In that case, the PSE Razorback is a good choice: With a maximum draw weight of 30 pounds, it is ideal for younger archers as well as small-framed women.

There are pre-drillings for arrow stabilizer, sight and quiver plus other extras in the riser and the Razorback’s accuracy and the coverage of up to 30 yards make it a perfect bow for target shooting.

Further, the screwing and unscrewing for the recurve bow can be done without an allen key, the limbs can be attached through the bolts on the bow and there is a Berger buttonhole to increase comfort via cushion plungers.

What is there left to say? The Razorback is an affordable but still very enjoyable choice for beginners.

Buffalo Hunting

buffalo hunting

Premium quality for an awesome hunting experience and target practice – this is what describes the Buffalo Hunting best.

This unique model stands out from the rest due to its different design, while having a draw weight from 30 to 65 pounds which is perfect for target shooting.

The draw length measures 29.5 to 31.5 inches and the bow can be used by both right and left-handed shooters. Further, it can be used with different types of arrows and provides an outstanding balance and reliably high performance.

Thanks to the additional paper target and the recurve arrow rest you won’t have to make any extra purchases.

In short: The Buffola Hunting goes easy on your wallet while providing a high-performance experience.

Samick Sage

Another entry-level bow for beginners who can’t wait to get started. This model helps you make this excellent start without wasting to much time on getting to know the bow and the arrows.

An inexpensive cornucopia of archery!

The Samick Sage is delivered complete and because of that money-saving: With a string and an arrow rest included you won’t need to purchase any other accessories to make your first try.

best recurve bow for beginners

And that’s not all, the bow even has pre-installed bushings for the plunger, a stabilizer, a sight AND a quiver for the arrows!

Another convincing fact is the quality of the limbs, out of hard maple and fiberglass they are both flexible and lightweight. Further, the metal pockets secure the limbs and therefore guarantee an overall longer life.

As you become a more experienced shooter, this bow will grow with your skills and strength: Due to the fact that the Samick Sage is a takedown bow the limbs can be upgraded.

The popular bow can be used by both left or right-handed people and makes you choose between a wide range of draw weight, while it is best suited for target practice it can still be used for hunting.

However, the more experienced shooter will probably look for a more silent model when used for hunting.

Let’s sum this up: The Samick Sage is an entry-level model that is sold for a pretty good price while providing a good performance that grows with your shooting skills. It comes in an all-in-one package and makes it easy to get started without time loss.

Bear Archery Grizzly

Wanting to reach the next level of archery? The name says it all: The Bear Archery Grizzly is an awesome choice for hunting adventures and for target practice while helping you to refine your shooting skills.

With its low weight which is about 2 pounds, it’s popular with beginners as well as experienced hunters. Further, it’s accuracy (that even the most compound bows can’t compare with) amazes even the advanced shooter.

The Bear Archery Grizzly has it all: High speeds, maximum control, and even weather resistance, so it doesn’t matter where you’d like to take it, which weather conditions may prevail, this bow won’t disappoint you.

As mentioned before, a shooter who is more into hunting would prefer a more quiet bow: Another reason why this model is a very good choice for hunters.

The recurve bow comes fully equipped, no extra purchases needed but it is not the cheapest bow you’ll find on the market. However, the high performance provided reasons the slightly higher pricing.

In short: The Bear Grizzly is one of the best recurve bows out there and really worth its price (still under $500 by the way).

Southwest Archery Spyder

Unlike some other recurve bows the Southwest Archery Spyder makes you look good from the first moment. Even when you’re completely new to the whole archery world, this bow won’t leave you in the dark.

It’s available for both left and right-handed shooters while the draw weight varies between 20 and 60 pounds (5-pound steps). What does that mean for your shooting? Well, you can easily find out with which weight you are most comfortable.

Further, this versatile recurve bow works with Flemish as well as Fast Fight strings. The Southwest model is best suited for hunting and for bow fishing. Of course, you can use it for target practice as well.

PS: The manufacturer provides a stringer tool, so in case you’d like to take advantage of that select the option when purchasing this accurate and lightweight shooting partner!

SAS Spirit

Looking for the best recurve bow for beginners to get your children into archery? In this case, this model deserves your attention.

It is very lightweight, easy to hold (yes, even for children) and the high-quality construction out of maple and fiberglass will make sure that this bow accompanies your child for quite a while.

sas spirit

However, you should take into consideration that the archer’s maximum height should be six feet – a great beginner’s bow for a growing teenager!

As well as other models mentioned, the SAS Spirit is available for left and right-handed shooters.

A few more facts: The draw weight is from 22 to 34 pounds with a few interim steps. For target practice, you should consider only using it in your backyard but it is also a good option for hunting adventures.

SAS Explorer Metal Riser

A flexible, long-lasting recurve bow – The SAS Explorer is exactly that, a very good choice for children wanting to get to know archery or even want to join their families hunting trips out in the field.

It comes with maple limbs which is a great advantage obviously because this wood is best known for its flexibility along with durability.

The other durable and sturdy material used for the Explorer’s construction is fiberglass, so your kid will be able to enjoy it for a long time. Just as the SAS Spirit, it is recommended for shooters up to six feet – a good choice for teenagers.

Like the name says, this models riser is not made out of wood as many others. It is constructed out of aluminum, which gives it something special PLUS the metal makes it more durable. All in all, a pretty good beginner’s choice!

Bear Archery Super Kodiak

A 60-inch high quality recurve bow for beginners? The Super Kodiak might not be THE beginner’s bow, however, it will suit a more advanced shooter perfectly with its precise details, the leather side plate and a dual riser made from black maple (provides extra durability!).

Just as the dual riser, the limbs are made out of maple and reinforced with black fiberglass. Though it is a bit more costly, the awesome flexibility, high performance combined with a stunning design is worth its money.

The high quality of this model is also shown by the strings: Dynaflight 97 Flemish’ will make most shooters even more excited about this recurve bow.

Southwest Archery Tigershark

No doubt about it: The Southwest Archery Tigershark is an eyecatcher. With its beautiful design out of four different wood types it definitely stands out from common recurve bows on the market.

Both left and right-handed shooters will be happy with this model because both versions are available. The draw weight lies between 25 and 60 pounds and can be adjusted in 5-pound steps – a pretty versatile bow, isn’t it?

Further, the reinforced limb tips allow you to use either Flemish or Fast Flight strings which makes the bow even more customizable. A little extra to the Tigershark: The Pro version includes a pin-lock technology for a more precise limb placement. Sound awesome?

Choosing THE Perfect Recurve Bow

All of the presented Recurve Bows have advantages that make them worth its money, however, the choice can still be hard.

The range of good recurve bows is big and though we narrowed this range down a bit by showing you some of the best recurve bows for beginners, it can still be hard to choose one.

The most important thing is to know your skills and to know what you want to use your new recurve bow. Is it supposed to be your new hunting partner, do you want to focus more on target practicing?

These questions should be answered up front before choosing one of the high performing models we mentioned before. For example, you won’t need much extra power when improving your target practice skills, since the arrow won’t need much energy to meet cardboard or foam.

In contrast to that, you surely need this extra energy for a hunting trip. A powerful bow will be able to go through the animal’s thick skin (draw weights from 40 pounds and higher will be the right fit for hunting).

When looking for larger animals like buffalos etc. you’d even want a draw weight about 55 pounds or more to be on the safe side.

Though you should consider the purpose you want the bow to use for, you should still be comfortable with the bow, otherwise, you’ll be disappointed in no time.

Considering these factors and answering the questions for yourself you are well prepared to choose your new bow out of this list of best recurve bows for beginners! Ready to get started?

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