Fastest Compound Bow

When discussing different bows speed will sooner or later be a topic. Of course, the fastest compound bow can be a decisive advantage especially when it comes to hunting. A large target appears, you know you don’t have time to figure out distance or angles and all you need is to let off a very fast and powerful shot.

An arrow traveling fast enough will be very precise, in contrast to a slower bow, there’s not much time for gravity to affect a really fast compound bow.

However, there is always a downside. Even speed can have disadvantages when a smooth draw and inconsistent shooting meet a fast compound bow. But we don’t give up that easily, there still are ways to combine speed with accuracy and reliability.

fastest compound bow

What does the fastest compound bow need?

Brace Height

There are different ways to make a compound bow reach higher speeds and one of these ways is to have a shorter brace height. When having a longer draw stroke the stored energy is higher and will be released with the shot. This higher amount of energy makes it a faster and more powerful one that will easily reach the target before it is out of range and sight. Ready for a “power stroke”?

In general, the brace height is measured in inches and describes the distance from the grip’s throat to the bowstring (not the draw). Every lost inch of the brace height will gain an extra arrow speed of 10 fps, so the arrow is traveling farther and faster without losing any precision.

However, there is a downside to a shorter brace height when it comes to compound bows. Commonly, they are more difficult in use, that’s why they aren’t always a good choice for beginners.

Because the arrow is staying on the string longer, beginners will have problems releasing it calmly. That makes it a more wobbly and therefore slower shot. In case you don’t want to sacrifice accuracy and performance a compound bow with a brace height a bit taller than 6 inches is recommended by most experts.

Cam Design

As well as the brace height the speed of a compound bow can be influenced by the cam system. Most times a powerful and fast compound bow has an aggressive one so the energy can be stored in the bow limbs. This avoids the bow from losing it’s calm and accurate performance while giving us the speed we’re looking for.

Many less aggressive cam systems have a soft curved draw force, all to make sure the draw is smooth and calm during pull and release. When looking for a fast and powerful compound bow the cam system should have a pretty sharply bended draw.

Why? Because this more abrupt draw curve can build up energy much faster and therefore the arrows travels at a higher and powerful speed to reach your target. As always a powerful advantage has a downside: An aggressive cam system is not so easy to draw and can lead to muscle exhuastion when using it.

Which Benefits has a Fast Compound Bow?

Of course, there can be some disadvantages coming with higher speed, e.g. losing some consistency. However, when you’re out hunting and a perfectly large target comes into sight you don’t want to miss out on this speed, giving you the advantage you need to reach that dream target before it is out of range.

And certainly, this super short time period is not enough to calculate distance and the best flight path. This is where a fast and powerful shot can save your day out in the field.

Further, a flatter arrow shot by a fast compound bow is less likely to be affected by gravity, which means they can reach higher distances, obviously reach the target much quicker and still have enough energy to bring it down.

Without a doubt, there are some convincing disadvantages as well as advantages coming with the fastest compound bows. Still, most hunters prefer a compound bow that can travel at high speeds and thanks to new and awesome technologies, manufacturers are able to build bows that keep up their high performance AND are fast.

To sum that up, the positive points of a fast compound bow outnumber the negative ones easily.

How to Choose a Fast Compound Bow

What qualities are we looking for in a compound bow? Accuracy, speed, and power would be the common answer to this question. In general, a compound bow with a size of 6 inches is able to let your arrows travel fast but still easy to handle. For the most part, the cam systems available in compound bows offer a smooth draw and combine advantages of speed and accuracy.

What’s next? When looking for a good model the balance of the bow comes to your mind at some point. An unbalanced bow won’t let you make the accurate shot you need to reach your desired target.

Furthermore, the draw length and the string angle should be taken into consideration: This could be a little obstacle that has to be crossed since many of the faster models come with short brace heights and large cams. The ideal way to find the bow that fits you best and is comfortable in use is to try and drawback several ones until you’re sure.


A fast or the fastest compound bow can provide accuracy and reliability summed up in high performance while traveling at high speeds. You just have to follow the given information and know what you are looking for.

Ready for a successful hunting trip?

The following bows all cut a quite figure and once you chose a bow you’re comfortable with, you can consider which arrow type you want to use.

Elite Archery Impulse 34

In case you’re looking for a compound bow, you’re maybe thinking about where to make sacrifices especially in speed. I’m glad to take that fear from you because speed is no issue for the Elite Archery Impulse 34.

This extraordinary bow outstrips it’s competitors easily. This compound bow is able to reach a speed of 340 fps, it helps you to reach your target plus it will help to improve your shooting skills while using it.

However, there is more to this bow than it’s speed because with it many accessories like a 7.25-inch stabilizer (helps you shooting more precisely) and the quiver that comes with it is able to hold four arrows – a good number for most archers who don’t want to buy those extras separately.

As if this isn’t convincing enough the bow comes with a drop-away rest AND a Quick-Shot wrist strap release. Both of these items will make life as an archer easier for you.

Since it has a draw weight of 70 pounds it’s certainly not a plaything: You can use it for hunting the same as for target practicing. Last but not least, the draw length of 27.5 inches is a perfect fit for serious bowhunters.

So let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of this bow, is it the best choice when looking for the fastest compound bow?


  • With a speed at 340 fps, it definitely stands out from its competitors
  • The height (6-inch brace height) forgives little imperfections, ideal for people who are just starting out with archery
  • The Elite Archery Impulse 34 comes with a nice number of accessories you would have to purchase separately otherwise


  • Weight can be an issue: With all accessories, the bow has a weight of 4.4 pounds.

Check out the current price on:

Bear Archery Escape

Looking for speed? The Bear Archery Escape has it. This compound bow has your arrows traveling at speeds up to 350 fps but the speed is just one of many beneficial features and extras coming with it while being produces from a manufacturer with the best reputation on the market.

For example, the included rubber inserts on the riser will take the sound from this bow, it’s deadly and silent due to the elimination of noise and vibrations.

This bow is adjustable in its draw length: 25.5 to 30 inches are possible and that’s why it fits a broad range of archers. It is probably not the right model for beginners but a more advanced archer will love so many things about it (the HingeGuard for minimized torque is just one example).

Both the riser as well as the cams are made from aluminum which means they are durable and lightweight.

Further, the ambitious quad limb system fits the general high performance of this one and the hybrid configuration helps to easily draw the bow. All this without having to sacrifice speed. The Bear Archery Escape has a weight of 4 pounds and therefore is a little bit lighter than it’s competitors.

And again let’s dive into a short overview:


  • A maximum speed of 350 fps: One of the fastest compound bows out there
  • Adjustable draw length which gives you the opportunity to find the best length for your proportions
  • Thanks to the rubber inserts on the riser it is super silent


  • Small brace height which can be a bit uncomfortable from time to time

Bowtech Prodigy

When it comes to speed the Bowtech Prodigy definitely lives up to its name: It reaches speeds up to 343 fps while having a weight of 4.2 pounds, pretty stunning isn’t it?

However, there are some more reasons why this bow deserves your attention. It is available in different draw weight configurations from 50 to 80 pounds.

Further, this model impresses with a brace height of 7 inches. What does that mean for the user? The bow is forgiving shooters no matter where they are, from beginner to advanced archers.

With the Bowtech Prodigy comes some equipment like the so-called Powershift, a new technology that makes the bow more multifaceted than most others on the market. The module is installed on the cam system so it can be configurated in three different options: speed, comfort or a medium setting that combines speed and comfort.

I think it is easy to see that this one is more than just a simple bow with an awesome performance (AND with an 80% let-off also prevents you from shooting premature when pulling the bow to full draw. This model is manufactured out of aluminum and has a carbon core PLUS it is sold with a lifetime warranty.


  • Most versatile model on the market (Powershift feature)
  • Maximum speed at 343 fps
  • Its helpful technologies makes the bow adaptable for any kind of shooter


  • Like many things of good quality, the Bowtech Prodigy is quite expensive

PSE Evolve 31

What are the things every shooter wants to see in a compound bow? Well, I am sure speed is one thing and with an IBO speed rating of 338 fps, this model could be your next dream partner in the field, being suitable for both target practice and bowhunting.

With a bodyweight of 4.3 pounds it’s not the lightest compound bow but surely one that is in no way inferior to its competitors, not in speed nor in general performance.

Adjustable draw weight and draw length make it easy to customize the bow so that it benefits your shooting style in the best way possible. With 31 inches it is a rather compact bow, while the draw length goes from 24 1/2 to 30 inches and the draw weight has a range from 60 to 70 pounds. As expected the brace height is about 6 inches and adequate for a length like that.

Extra stability while shooting is provided by the forged riser and the limb system with modified pockets (especially for speed) and a RollerGlide cable guard makes sure your arrow will never fail a target. What can I say more than that the comfort this PSE Evolve 31 offers is truly awesome.


  • adjustable draw length and draw weight for ideal customization
  • added stability for accuracy
  • ambitious limb + pocket system even benefit the overall high performance


  • Pretty heavy with a weight at 4.3 pounds

PSE Archery Drive R

The PSE Archery Drive R comes with a complete kit, so there’s nothing in the way to immediately start shooting or hunting.

The package includes:

  • an AMO Pro sight
  • a Phantom drop-away rest
  • a Spire stabilizer
  • a Raven quiver
  • a neoprene sling
  • a peep sight
  • AND a nock loop

Enough to make your life easier? Well, I think so. I

The bow has a brace height about 6 inches and measures 30 inches axle to axle which makes it a pretty compact one. Still, it has impressive accuracy and speeds up to 336 fps to offer.

Not fallen in love yet? There are still things to come. A 75% let-off helps you keeping the bow fully drawn and the draw weight of 60 pounds makes it a popular fit for everyone being serious in their activities.

Further, this model is all about customization, with a draw length from 25 to 30 1/2 inches it will make a variety of shooter types really happy.

In case you are looking for a technical masterpiece, this bow with its smooth hybrid cam system and it’s split limb technology (called X-Tech) you are done searching right here.


  • Comes with a complete accessory package, nothing else needed, ready to get serious
  • ambitious technology provides an overall perfect performance


  • 4.6 pounds, so the PSE Archery Drive R is pretty heavy

BowTech Realm

Combining high performance with precision sounds like an awesome solution for your fastest compound bow search, doesn’t it? You can’t go wrong with the BowTech Realm A13465 and with its variable draw length (25 to 31 inches) it is the reliable hunting partner you were looking for.

Considering the fact, that most archers want to use this model for hunting it is not a surprise that the manufacturers did not forget to install speed to their bow. Speeds up to 340 fps help you make a quit and precise shot when you’re out in the woods.

Quite a compact model, it has a draw weight of 70 pounds and measures almost 31 inches from axle to axle: A comfortable option. As some of its competitors, the BowTech Realm is quite heavy, weighing 4.3 pounds. So keep in mind, if you want to add some extras to it you should be able to take it with you physically.

The Overdrive Binary cam system makes the bow pretty multifaceted and gives you the opportunity to customize it for your personal shooting style. Another exciting innovation would be the Orbit Dampener system which can help you balance the weight of some extras you might want to mount on it, PLUS it prevents the bow from making noises and vibrations.


  • one of the fastest compound bows out there with speeds at 340 fps
  • Popular for hunting because it’s beautifully compact
  • added technologies increase the overall performance to it’s best


  • both draw weight and general weight make it a more advanced option for seasoned archers

Looking for some more compound bow options? We have compared some of the best compound bows right here.

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